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Out now on Steam

and Itch!

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Trailer by Primarvelous

For Nightwell Games' inaugural title, the Wolfmaster, the Owlmaster, and the Crowmaster bring you a survival-horror story with a side of mystery, all set in the rich medieval world of Kievan Rus'.

A jaded hero from an earlier age.

A village beset by a mysterious monster.

And secrets as deep as the earth.

When the villagers of Derevnya begin turning up maimed, suspicion falls on you. Track down the beast to clear your name and save the village—but to unravel the mystery, you will need to confront your own past.

  • Forge your own path with 1200 high-impact decisions

  • Discover seven unique backstories

  • Experience an intricately-crafted story that seamlessly shapes itself around your choices

  • Enjoy 40 hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations

  • Pet the cat. As many times as you like.

Get it now for just $5.99!

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