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About Us

A glimpse into the forge of the Nightwell Rat

In the orange glow of the Nightwell Rat's forge, we hammer out rich narrative experiences where choices matter. From fantasy to survival horror, our sims, strategy games, and choose your own adventures feature intricately branching plots, hand-drawn art, and deep emotions that will linger with you. Let the Nightwell Beasts thrill you, terrify you, and take your breath away.

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Statement on
AI-Generated Content

In the Nightwell Forge, we define art, as opposed to content, as something created by a person in response to their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in order to form a connection with other people by sharing those emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Therefore, because a LLM has no emotions or experiences to share, it can only create content, not art.

We at the Forge create games for the purpose of forming just such connections with others. We deliberately craft our work the slower and more difficult way because we believe it deepens these connections and makes our games more meaningful. We are in the business of creating art, not content.

For this reason, we will never use AI-generated images or text for any purpose.

The Beastmasters

The artisans behind The Wolf of Derevnya


Gwen Katz

Wolfmaster, lead designer


David Bowman

Crowmaster, scene & environment artist


Anthony Ford

Owlmaster, composer, sound designer


Maja Luna Hunyadi

Frogmaster, UI designer

The Nightwell Forge is currently closed to contract work. However, you can still check out the Wolfmaster's portfolio on her personal site.

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