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Eighty years ago, the magical art movement known as Surradia disappeared along with its creators in the midst of World War II. Piece together a tale of art, love, and magic to answer the question: What really happened to the Surradistes?

In this logic-based mystery, investigate a series of museum exhibits, searching paintings, letters, and photographs for clues to solve challenging deduction puzzles.

Fans of The Case of the Golden Idol and The Return of the Obra Dinn will enjoy this bold new open-ended deduction game set in the 1930s Paris art scene.

  • 12 rooms, each featuring a fill-in-the-blanks deduction puzzle

  • Beautiful handpainted artworks and digital illustrations

  • Cel-animated hand-drawn cutscenes

  • Full voice narration

  • Original jazz soundtrack

  • Based on the acclaimed short story "Portrait of Three Women with an Owl" by Gwen C. Katz

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