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Nightwell Games

Where the wolf eats the moon

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The Nightwell Games Manifesto

In the Nightwell Forge, we believe that gaming shouldn't feel like an addiction cycle.

We have too much self-respect to charge you 99 cents for a fake box of gems you can use to skip ads.

When you buy our games you get the whole game, not a cliffhanger designed to sell DLC.

We know that calling your shitty Second Life clone "The Metaverse" doesn't make it the future of the internet.

If we wanted to make a rigged casino app, we wouldn't disguise it as a lootbox.

The only digital right we care to manage is your right to play the games you own.

Your personal information is none of our beeswax.

We were making fun of cryptocurrency before anyone paid $3 million for an ass-ugly jpg of an ape.

We don't care to read anything shat out by a robot that can't recognize a goddamn stoplight.

We make great games.

We tell great stories.


New and Upcoming

Horror and strategy games hot from the forge of the Nightwell Rat


The Wolf of Derevnya


Unannounced Roguelike

Coming 2025

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